Hungarian Pastry Shop


New York seems to have a so much of everything (except affordable housing, of course) – thousands of great restaurants and shops, boundless forms of entertainment, and dozens of neighborhoods to explore. One thing that is lacking, though, is great old-world coffee shops. It is true that lately more independent coffee shops have popped up, and most are serving delicious coffee and treats to go with it, but sometimes you want to go to a place that feels like it was established hundreds of years ago. A place where intellectuals have gone and discussed ideas that turned into great novels. I am thinking Kafka, Freud, and Mozart. Okay, I am thinking of the great Viennese coffee shops that I miss so much. There is really nothing like it here in New York City, but the Hungarian Pastry Shop comes pretty close. Although it is only about 50 years old, it feels as if it has been around for much longer. Located near Columbia University it is chock full of students and professors. Yes, everyone here is smarter than you. So what? Sit down, grab your New York Times or journal, and lounge as long as you like. No one will bother you. I’m not going to tell you that the pastries are the best you’ll ever eat or the coffee is incredible – both are good but not great; however, the ambience can’t be beat. Not stateside anyhow.


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  1. A Lady says:

    I am dying of jealousy.

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