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Good-bye New York, for real

Oh how I love New York. It is hard to describe the magic of New York City to someone who has never visited. I have close family who have yet to visit me here, and they always seem baffled that … Continue reading

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Momofuku Ssam Bar

New York City has a lot, A LOT, of restaurants, and people love, LOVE, to talk about them. For some it’s a way of showing you are “in the know” about an obscure place no one else has discovered.  For … Continue reading

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Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart, situated on the cusp of SoHo and Chinatown, embraces the best of those two worlds. It has all the trendy, fun goods you would expect to find in a SoHo store, but most are of the affordable … Continue reading

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La Lanterna Caffe

I have never understood al fresco dining in New York City. It is either too hot or too cold. Inevitably you are placed on a busy sidewalk adjacent to a busy street and are assaulted by diesel fumes, people who … Continue reading

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Oozy Chocolate Chip Cookies

After visiting Levain Bakery and Jacques Torres Chocolate, and purchasing an enormous bag of pastilles from the latter, I was inspired to try to create one of those enormous, soft on the inside, yet toasted on the outside cookies from … Continue reading

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Kim Laudati Skin Care

When I’m feeling particularly drabby, either because I still haven’t lost those last 10 pounds of baby weight or because I haven’t washed any hair on my head other than my bangs since last Thursday, I have a couple of … Continue reading

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Shakshuka atop Lamb Sausages

Florence Prime Meat Market can be a real problem, especially for someone like me who lives far enough away that visiting often is difficult.  When I go I always enter with the intention of getting a couple of steaks, maybe … Continue reading

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Jacques Torres Chocolate

I have a friend whose husband, year after year on Valentine’s Day, goes down to the local Duane Reade and gets her the Whitman’s sampler box of chocolates.  You know these chocolates.  They are the ones that seems stocked to … Continue reading

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Levain Bakery

You know the type of person who has to go somewhere or see something just to say they’ve done it? “I went to Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, and London – each for one day”. “I went to this place that serves … Continue reading

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I knew this place was going to be good when my French teacher recommended it.  The croissants and other treats are to die for, the coffee is ….god, it is terrible.  But the croissants totally redeem the place, along with … Continue reading

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