I am what you would call a red-meat-eating kind of girl. I was raised in the landlocked state of Wyoming where nearly all bodies of water were man-made. Sure, there was the occasional creek or mountain lake, but by far most were reservoirs occasionally drained during dry seasons to irrigate local farmlands. So, suffice it to say there wasn’t a whole lot of good, fresh fish around when I was growing up. As a result, I am not much of a fish eater. I would take a steak over a piece of fish any day of the week, unless on that day I happen to be at Fish, my favorite seafood restaurant in NYC. Yes, I have been to Nobu. And yes, it is awesome, But, nothing has the laid-back charm of Fish, with incredibly fresh dishes that never let you leave feeling anything other than stuffed when you leave (don’t even get me started on Japonais – spent $150 on dinner and then had to stop for a slice of pizza on the way home). I digress.
My favorite thing on the menu is the oyster special – 6 blue point oysters, a red or white wine or PBR for $8. You can even watch them shuck your oysters behind the bar.
After slurping down a couple of those bad boys, move onto one of their amazing fish sandwiches that never resemble the fried, flattened fish sandwiches you might be served elsewhere. They are huge, flaky fish sandwiches made with the softest bread and accompanied by delicious tomatoes even in the dead of winter. Or you could have their “Down East Lobster Feast” – 1 1/4 lb lobster with awesome sides, a Pot O’Bass, the Lobster Mac and Cheese, pan roasted red snapper with cheese grits and barbecued shrimp…I could go on an on.
If you happen to pass by when the weather is warm, I highly recommend sitting on the outdoor stools and having an oyster special. You can sip your wine or your PBR and people watch on the ever-cool Bleecker Street before slipping off and heading to one of the other amazing food havens in that neighborhood.
Where It Is and Why I’ll Miss It: 280 Bleecker Street, off of 7th Avenue; Always delicious fresh fish at amazing prices.
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