I dream of having a truly stylish apartment.  It would be one of those funky yet sleek yet functional apartments you used to see featured in Domino magazine.  I am not there yet, and probably never will since I have two children and a husband with equal say in how I decorate, but I find plenty of inspiration at Marimekko in the Flatiron District (right next door to Eataly).  This store is all about putting elements of bold design and bright color in what would otherwise be an ordinary space.  I have one piece from Marimekko – a plate sitting on my foyer table that my husband has named the “clutter plate” because all of our odds and ends seem to land there (and because he views the plate itself as clutter).  But, believe it or not, having that plate sitting on my otherwise boring brown table makes me happy.
Marimekko has pieces that can brighten your wardrobe, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.  This is the ultimate place to find a housewarming gift.
The real reason I shop here, though, is because of the beautiful fabric they sell by the foot.  The patterns are gorgeous and unique.
I once bought a few yards of a black and white pattern and sewed  a couple of decorative pillows for a friend.  (I borrowed this easy pattern from a fellow blogger and they really were a masterpiece.)  The only downside of Marimekko is the price tag.   There are no bargains to be had here, but you know what?  Inspiration is free.
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