Cosmopolitan Cafe


Ever had one of those days when you feel so annoyed by your fellow New Yorkers?  A day when too many people stopped to check their text messages halfway up the subway stairs so every other person has to walk around them?  A day when the city feels too crowded and every “excuse me” sure sounds a whole like “excuse you”?  A day when the person who decides to spit on the street misses your sandal-clad foot by a mere inch, or worse, not at all?  One of the best cures for a day like that is to step into the Cosmopolitan Hotel Cafe.  This hotel cafe is different than most in that it isn’t overpriced.  It is quaint, quiet, and calm.  The perfect place to shrug off some of those annoyances and get your head together.


Although it is small, no one is going to rush you out the door.  And despite the over-crowded Starbucks just a few doors down, people don’t seem to come here in droves.  Instead, you are much more likely to run into a young couple from abroad, a businessman having breakfast, or Michael Imperioli (I have seen him there twice).  The cafe recently purchased a candy store around the corner and they have combined the spaces.  So, now, infringing on what was an old-world minimalist decor is soda pop shop candy and some vintage looking signs.  This is not an upgrade.  But, because the service, quality of coffee, and ambiance hasn’t changed, I keep returning.

Where It Is and Why I’ll Miss It: 125 Chambers Street (although the entrance is on West Broadway); Delicious, affordable coffee in a relaxed, old-world atmosphere.

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2 Responses to Cosmopolitan Cafe

  1. rebecca says:

    Where is this? I need to go.

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