O & Co.


I have never been one of those people who likes obscure music, movies, or books.  I am a mainstream kind of gal, and I certainly don’t believe that just because something becomes popular it suddenly stops being cool.  Even stranger, once I find something I enjoy, I remain loyal to the end (that is why I still listen to New Kids on the Block on cassette tape.)  So, when I started this blog, I wrestled with the idea of whether I should include shops in New York that I love, but were created elsewhere.  I want to highlight those things that are unique to New York and created by New Yorkers, but one of the things I love about New York is the access to some really great foreign-born shops.  Listen, I am not going to write about Target here – that would be silly – not because I don’t love Target (I do! I do!) but because it seems nearly everyone on planet earth has access to it.   I do want to talk about a few of those shops that although not completely original, are still special because they provide high-quality or unique products that can’t be found just anywhere.  One of those stores I love is O & Co, which sells some of the best olive oil I have ever had, along with vinegar and other high-quality products .


Yes, you can shop online for O&Co, and you are unlikely to be disappointed if you do, but visiting it in person is so much more fun.  Customers are encouraged to taste as many delectable oils and vinegars as they like.  If you have only ever bought olive oil at your local supermarket, you will be blown away by the flavor.  Some are grassy, others earthy, and it is so great to figure out which you prefer.


I have purchased a lot of products at O & Co, but I think the olive oil provides the best value for your buck.  That and the truffles packed in oil.  This is not “scented” truffle oil – these are actual truffles that you can tuck in your cupboard and put in homemade mac and cheese or spread on a sandwich along with some arugula and buffalo mozzarella cheese when you are feeling decadent.  Or you want to impress someone with your cooking skills.  Or because it is Tuesday.

Where it is: There are three locations in NYC – Soho at 249 Bleeker Street (at Leroy), the Upper West Side at the Shops at Columbus Circle (1st Floor), and in Midtown at Grand Central Terminal.

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