Good Beer


Does every family have their own signature beverage?  One that says “welcome home”?  In my house it is wine, but at my parents’ house it is beer.  Invariably, moments after walking through the front door at my parents’ house, a beer is plunked down in front of you like a cold, frothy hug.  Unfortunately, my family’s preferred beer is Bud Light.  It isn’t that I don’t like Bud Light – I have been known to drink a few, especially topped off with tomato juice (don’t ask, it’s a Wyoming thing), but invariably I make a run to the local liquor store in hopes of finding some good IPA – my beer of choice.  Sometimes I succeed and others I don’t.  On those days when it seems my only choice is busch light, bud light, miller light, or coors light, I think about how great it would be to have a store like Good Beer in my hometown.  Good Beer is a wonderful cross between a bar and beer emporium.  There is a constantly rotating choice of six or seven beers on tap.  You can order a pint of beer (and they are always happy to give you a taste beforehand) for $6, or you can do a tasting flight of 4 beers for $8.


Sip your pint while wandering the aisles stocked with hundreds of different brands of beer from breweries all over the country, or order a nibble from their tiny, but sufficient menu.  Good Beer carries some imports, but most of their stock is from craft U. S. breweries.  God Bless America.


We make sure to have someone supervise our children’s beer purchases.


My youngest trying to escape Good Beer. DNA test to follow.

Where to find it: 422 East 9th Street (between 1st avenue and Avenue A).

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