Gray’s Papaya


I have days when I am really grooving with that eating locally and seasonally thing.  I shove fistfuls of fresh kale into my blender and sauté Swiss chard to accompany my organic roast chicken, but then I have days when I just need a good freaking hot dog, thank you very much.  New Yorkers are serious about their hot dogs. There are those who swear by Nathan’s, other’s who say Crif Dogs is the best, and some who live for Gray’s Papaya.  I have to agree with all of them – there is more than one place to have a great hot dog in NYC –  but when I really want a salty dog accompanied by a refreshing drink, I head to Gray’s Papaya.  Unlike other Papaya Dog establishments in the City, Gray’s Papaya doesn’t serve fries, shakes, chicken fingers, or the like.  They keep it simple – juice and hot dogs.


If you’ve never had a hot dog with a papaya juice on the side it might seem an odd combination.  But, oh honey, it is like peanut butter and chocolate or pizza and beer – you can enjoy one without the other, but when they are together, it is magic.

Where it is and Why I’ll miss it:  Broadway between 71st and 72nd; one of all-time-favorite combos on earth.


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