Bank Street Book Store



Every time I step into the Bank Street Book Store I can’t help but believe I will spy Meg Ryan behind the counter, looking adorable (read: pre-plastic surgery), and ready to fall in love with Tom Hanks, because I swear this store must have inspired “The Shop Around the Corner” from the movie You’ve Got Mail.  It is a really beautiful store that will inspire children to read and you to open your wallet.  The first floor houses all the young children’s books and really adorable yet educational toys.



The top floor has books for young adults.  Although Bank Street Book Store is small compared to some of the other big retailers, it somehow manages to stock every great book you have ever heard of.  Better yet, if you mention a child’s age and interest, any salesperson will be able to recommend to you a fabulous book you haven’t heard of (just like Meg Ryan could in the movie – wink, wink.)  They have book signings, puppet shows, and story time every single day.



Let’s hope the Bank Street Book Store has a happier ending than the Shop Around the Corner – it really deserves to.

Where it is and Why I’ll miss it:  Located at 112th street and Broadway; beautiful and plentiful book store for children.

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