Kim Laudati Skin Care


When I’m feeling particularly drabby, either because I still haven’t lost those last 10 pounds of baby weight or because I haven’t washed any hair on my head other than my bangs since last Thursday, I have a couple of options to perk me up.  I can spend some time with my friend Esere (“you look so good now that you finally have some meat on those thighs!”) or I can book an appointment with Kim Laudati.  Kim gives hands down, the best facial I have ever had in NYC.  When you meet her she will remind you vividly of Demi Moore with her long dark hair and slightly husky voice to match.


Kim doesn’t operate one of those insanely expensive spas, although she could.  What she does is give you amazing value for your money.  At most spas the aesthetician will take a break while steaming your face or after applying a masque.  Not Kim.  She takes the opportunity to give you a mini massage of your arms, shoulders, and head.  She is a perfectionist (after growing some Elvis-like sideburns during my second pregnancy she waxed my face to a baby bum sheen and then spent at least ten minutes methodically tweezing out every errant hair) and a total techie.  You’ll hear her turn on various machines while you are trying to stay awake and feel warm, yet cold metal plates massaging your face and then have oxygen pumped into your gleaming pores.  Every scrub, masque, and serum smells insanely delicious.  Book her now.  Soon, you’ll be competing with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow for an appointment.

Where it is and Why I’ll miss it:  Franchise expected, but currently 274 Madison Avenue, Suite 803, between 39th and 40th street, luxurious high-end spa at half the price.


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