Chinatown Ice Cream Factory


When I was a kid I thought all ice cream was good ice cream.  It was a big treat when my Mom would buy the big half gallon of neapolitan ice cream in the plastic tub.  There were three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and supposedly strawberry.  Inevitably, the chocolate strip would disappear first.  Then the vanilla.  Finally, that hump of strawberry in the middle was slowly worn away.  Over time, my taste in ice cream evolved.  In Wyoming, we have Schwan’s ice cream – which is like a traveling ice-cream truck with treats you buy in bulk.  My favorite was the silver mint bar – mint ice cream covered in chocolate.   In college, it was Edy’s chocolate chip with the thin little bits of chocolate that literally melted in your mouth.  And then, in law school, Eureka!  Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  You see, I was a boring old mint and chocolate kind of girl until the moment I stepped into that shop and thought I would try something different – watermelon sorbet.  This sorbet tasted like the coldest, juiciest piece of watermelon I had ever had.  The same is true for every other sorbet flavor including lemon, lychee and mango.   After trying the strawberry sorbet you would have no choice but to leave that strip of “strawberry” neapolitan to rot in the freezer forever.  The “regular” flavors are just as good in creamy sort of way: green tea, black sesame, red bean, zen butter (toasted sesame seed), and ginger.  I love that they describe their oreo, chocolate, and mint chip as “exotic”.  When you take your kids here, order something completely out of the ordinary.  I don’t care how picky of an eater they are, they will like it, I promise.


Green Tea and Black Sesame – my favorite combo


This was my ice cream – I think I wrangled two bites out of her.

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