Tribeca Treats


Cupcakes, again. Tribeca Treats makes my other favorite cupcakes in New York City. I can’t say I really like any of the rest (I am talking to you, Crumbs). This little shop, situated between Church and West Broadway on Reade Street, is awfully sweet. The smell that greets you when you walk in is so delicious it makes me wonder if the air has calories. The front of the store houses these great greeting cards – many of them are sarcastic and slightly rude, which is perfect for my friends.


The cupcakes, chocolates, and other decadent treats are housed in the back. My favorite cupcake by far is the peanut butter and jelly. It features peanut butter frosting with a strawberry jam interior. So divine! They don’t serve it everyday, so might I suggest stopping in frequently to see if they made it that day? If not, you shouldn’t leave without having sampled one of their other flavors. You can’t, and won’t go wrong.


The last time I visited they had whoopee pies. In the interest of journalistic integrity I had to take one home and try it. WOW! First of all, the cake part not only has chocolate, but lots of chocolate chips. And while I could see a lot of fancy places filling the center with whipped cream, they fill it with traditional marshmallow cream. It is like your best childhood memory that you never really experienced. They also serve great coffee from Irving Farm and their chocolate treats blow Godiva out of the water.


And as a side note, not to be all Gloria Steinem on you, but every single time I have gone to that store, the owner is behind the counter working. She is clearly invested in her store, and there is nothing that warms my heart like seeing a hard-working woman making her dream come true. Not even seeing my daughter devour one of her cupcakes.

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