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Cornelia Street Cafe

Brunch is a big deal in New York City.  Everyone loves brunch: on any given Saturday or Sunday you’ll find girls in their twenties gossiping about last night’s escapades while wearing yesterday’s make-up, old men working their way through the … Continue reading

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Gray’s Papaya

I have days when I am really grooving with that eating locally and seasonally thing.  I shove fistfuls of fresh kale into my blender and sauté Swiss chard to accompany my organic roast chicken, but then I have days when … Continue reading

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Mayhem and Stout

If you live in New York City long enough, some of your standards will change.  For instance, you’ll have a completely different concept of what qualifies as a clean restaurant or bar bathroom.  Time and again, I have had friends … Continue reading

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Last Gasp of Summer Dinner

It is late October and although fall is by far my favorite season, I have grown to appreciate summer – mostly because of the abundance of delicious produce.  I love the light and flavorful meals we have in the summertime … Continue reading

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Good Beer

Does every family have their own signature beverage?  One that says “welcome home”?  In my house it is wine, but at my parents’ house it is beer.  Invariably, moments after walking through the front door at my parents’ house, a … Continue reading

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Tea and Sympathy

Some things just don’t translate.  You have to experience them for yourself.  Like, why you should only eat tomatoes in the summertime and never from a grocery store.  Why you can catch fruit flies with amazing accuracy so long as … Continue reading

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O & Co.

I have never been one of those people who likes obscure music, movies, or books.  I am a mainstream kind of gal, and I certainly don’t believe that just because something becomes popular it suddenly stops being cool.  Even stranger, … Continue reading

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